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  Xi'an Pengtime Corporation (XPC) is one of China's leading trading company in organic food and natural  ingredients. XPC specializes in sustainable exports of organic herbs, herbal extracts, nuts and dried fruits.And also offers processing services.  We have more than 11 cooperative factories in China to provide  top-quality organic ingredients in numerous varieties that are certified in accordance with EC regulation  834/2007, NOP. Kosher, Halal, GMP, HACCP. XPC is able to clean and process food and natural  ingredients in order to meet customers' demand.

    After  many years trading experience with customers all over the world, we understand that the worst  thing on earth is that you have customers  but you don't know where to buy and whom to buy from . and usually you still have a lot of problems on payment terms with factories. you want to pay in L/C or DP, but the factories just want to make T/T...... this is really annoying but quite common to see in China. what you will do if you meet the same occasions?      

what you really need to know is where in China to find the right supplier for exactly the goods you want  for the customers and also you can meet a good payment terms for your cashflow.

    To supply quality goods and to find right supplier is what we do for living.  Trading in organic food,  natural ingredients is our core business. Our local experienced team keep a close watch on the trading  business.  It's a huge advantage for those our customers keep a sustainable  business with a fair price. and we also can be a good tie for both parties to make a proper payment term.

    We make you feel quality goods!  This is our long-lasting philosophy  to stay in this field and has never  been changed. Our cooperative factories are all well certified with a good manufacture program.  To  guarantee prompt shipment, we established long-term relationships with carriers including  MAERSK  LINE, MSC, CMA, EVERGREEN, COSCO etc.  Meanwhile, we also keep  good relationship with  Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of The People's Republic of China(CIQ) for fast inspection pass.

    To make faster shipment for our clients, we are also going to find a warehouse in Europe, USA, Australia. this will save a lot of transportation cost for our clients, and also will gurantee our clients and receive goods in short time after they decide to buy.  

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