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*Xi'an Pengtime Corporation*
*B-604, Innovative Chang'an Plaza, 34# Fenghui Nanlu, Xi'an 710075 China*
*Tel/Fax: +86 29 88275684  * *Mobil: +86 18629261955*
*Trademanager: pengtime* *Skype:rockyorganic**viber:+8618629261955*
 *Website: www.pengtime.com
*General information: info@pengtime.com * 
*Sales contact: sales@pengtime.com*
*Customer service: customer@pengtime.com *
*Job in Pengtime: jobs@pengtime.com *



 Sales representatives:

Rocky Xue: rocky@pengtime.com

Mike Wang: sales1@pengtime.com

Cindy Zhou: sales2@pengtime.com

Zhao: sales3@pengtime.com

Emmiie Liu: sales4@pengtime.com

Amy Jia: sales5@pengtime.com


 Important Notice: recently we noticed that someone was selling products by using our company name. This is illegal, and also some clients were cheated. please be noted that all confidential emails from XI'AN PENGTIME CORPORATION is @pengtime.com. Thank you for working with us and we make you feel quality goods!







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