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Product Name: Ginkgo Leaf P.E.
Latin Name: Folium Ginkgo
Source: Any of various ginkgoaceae deciduous arbors which are about 40 meters high of genus ginkgo biloba, having Kelly sector or light brown yellow leaves whose length is from 4-8 cm and width is from 5-10 cm. The leaves grow separately with bostrychoid shape on long branches and fasciately on short branches. The tree which needs sun grows in natural forests with good drainage and the altitude of the place is about 500-1000 meters. Ginkgo Biloba trees are planted from north (begin with Shengyang) to south ( end with Guangzhou) and in east China, southwest, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces of China.
Used Part: Leaves
Active Ingredient: Flavones (Quercetin,Kaempferol,Isorhamnetin) Lactones (Ginkgolides A,Ginkgolides B,Ginkgolides C,Bilobalide)
Specification: Flavones≥24%, Lactones≥6%, Ginkgolic acid≤5ppm Flavones≥24%, Lactones≥6%, Ginkgolic acid≤1ppm
Appearance: Brown Powder
Test Method: HPLC
CAS.No.: 90045-36-6
Functions: (1)Dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and enhancing immunity.
(2)Tonifying kidney and nourishing brain, whitening and anti-wrinkle.
(3)Promoting cerebral blood circulation and cellular metabolism.
(4)Lowering blood pressure and high blood fat.
(5)Anti-cancer and preventing cancer.
Usage: Medicine.Functional food
Storage: Stored in cool & dry place. Kept away from strong light and heat
Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored
Package: 5Kg/drum,10Kg/drum,25Kg/drum
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