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Fiveleaf gynostemma herb

Organic fiveleaf gynostemma herb 
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Accord with:ECOCERT,NOP,EU,HACCP,ISO9001:2000.

Purity: Around 99.99%

Description:Gynostemma pentaphyllum, also called jiaogulan is most often consumed as an Herbal Tea, also use as an herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine.

Characteristics:Aromatic faint scent, the taste is a little bitter at first, but turns to sweet a while later.

Benefits:It is known as an adoptogen and antioxidant and antioxidant and has been found to increasesuperoxide dismutase which is a powerful endogenous cellular antioxidant. Studies have fount itincreases the activities of macrophages, T lymphocytes and natural killer cells and that it acts asa tumor inhibitor. It adaptogenic consituents include the triterpenoid saponins gypenosides which are closely structrually related to the ginsenosides from the well-known medicinal plant ginseng.

Packaging: 25KG per carton with two plastic inside.

Storage: Store in closed bags in which ambient is clean, dry, ventilate, avoid sunlight, dampproof, free from infestation under 20 degrees.

Shelf Life: Under the above conditions, 12 months

Infestation: Free from live infestation, insect bodies or larvae, and evidence of contamination by rodents and/or birds.



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