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Organic Ginkgo leaf

Organic Ginkgo leaf
1.EEC834/2007 and USDA certified organic ginkgo leaf
2.pesticide free
3.heavy metals and microbiology conform
4. 50kg/bag or customized package
5. prompt shipment
6. can process into cut/slice/granule/powder/extract
Flavour: Typical of ginkgo leaf. Free from Rancid, Strong, Stale, Flat, or foreign flavours. 
Odor: Characteristic ginkgo leaf Odors. Without Off or foreign Odors. 
Colour: Green, typical of this leaf. 
Storage: Store in closed bags in which ambient is clean, dry, ventilate, avoid sunlight, dampproof, free from infestation 
             under 20 degrees
Shelf Life: Under the above conditions, 12 months
Infestation: Free from live infestation, insect bodies or larvae, and evidence of contamination by rodents and/or birds
Transportation: All products are transported in ambient temperature controlled transportation. Trailers swept clean no 
                      odors. No rodent feces or other droppings root, wall and floor in good condition with no holes or leaks
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